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By Dotcom Design 06 Dec, 2017

Many people don't consider getting the air conditioner service Iowa City, IA  has available in the fall. After all, your A/C has been shut down for the cold season and now you are worried about heat. But when you schedule maintenance for your HVAC system every six months, you can reduce the amount of airborne contaminants while keeping the whole system working without a worry.

Your Air Conditioner and Furnace Use the Same Ducts

When you have a whole-home air conditioner and forced hot air heat, they often share the same ducting. When you have the air conditioner service in Iowa City  switch out your filters every six months, you are not just cleaning out your A/C, but the ducts that deliver heat to every room in your home.

Switch Out Your Filters and Remove all that Autumn Pollen

You might think by waiting until spring for that air conditioner service Iowa City, IA  has available, you are saving a few dollars. But all summer long while the A/C has been running, the filters have been clogged by allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and even mold. Your lungs will enjoy the extra airflow and pollen-free air supply during the dry months up ahead.

Inspect Ducts and Vents for an Easy and Effective Switchover

While you are having the air conditioner service in Iowa City  complete the simple filter change, it's a good idea to have your ducts inspected for leaks and that your room vents are providing good airflow, so your home will remain warm and comfortable all winter long.

By Dotcom Design 30 Oct, 2017

Getting the best air conditioners Iowa City, IA  has to offer requires taking a few important maintenance steps. Too many people ignore upkeep on their units and end up suffering from the following problems. Each has the potential to break your unit down entirely and make it operate less efficiently.

Leaks In The Coolant

If your air conditioning unit is located outside, there is a chance that it could suffer from problematic leaks. These occur because the outdoor weather wears down the exterior and causes the coolant to leak out. Thankfully, high-quality air conditioners installation in Iowa City  can provide you with a sturdier and stronger unit that won't wear down as quickly.

Wiring Faults

Poor installation of air conditioners often leads to sloppy wiring that can be a serious problem. It can not only cause your air conditioner to run poorly but may be a fire risk. As a result, it is important to talk to a professional and have them test your system right away. Only the best air conditioners Iowa City, IA  has to offer can keep you from this dangerous problem.

Frozen Coils

If the coils of your air conditioner start freezing up, there is a strong chance that it is suffering from airflow problems. These concerns can be caused by dirty air filters, blockage from animals, and a variety of other influences. Make sure to address them fully to keep your air conditioner's coils from getting dangerously cold.

As you can see, proper air conditioners installation in Iowa City  is an essential task that requires a true professional to manage. Installing a unit on your own is possible but is likely to cause you a lot more problems than it is worth.

By Dotcom Design 30 Oct, 2017

It might look like wasted money in the budget, but when you schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC Coralville, IA  system, you can avoid loss of business when your heating goes out in the middle of a cold snap. A qualified technician will check for much more than just basic function. The following are just some of the features he will inspect during a short visit during regular hours of operation.

Loose Connections Result in No Heat

Those roof-top units sit out in the weather all year long and are buffeted by strong summer storms and the stiff winds of November. It is not uncommon for your HVAC in Coralville, IA  to have a single wire work its way loose, resulting in a unit that won't fire when the temperature starts to drop. During their visit, your technician will open all the access panels and make sure connectors and wires remain in good shape and replace those that are damaged and worn.

Fresh Filters Maintain Good Air Quality

Air is still circulated even in the dead of winter. By changing out your air filters twice every year, you ensure that your HVAC Coralville, IA  system continues to deliver fresh, dust-free air even into the dark days of winter.

Replace Blown Parts Before You Need Them

Sometimes the igniter on your heating unit or the compressor on the air conditioner will fail as it is used for the last time of the year. Your biannual maintenance visit for your HVAC in Coralville, IA  will ensure problems are found before you really need your system to be running at full power for the season.

By Dotcom Design 03 Sep, 2017

If you need to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, or you need to replace, upgrade or do routine maintenance, Absolute Comfort is the right people for the job.  With our Hvac Coralville, IA services, your home will always be comfortable for you and your family.  Home heating and cooling systems should always give you reliable performance and that is why we recommend that they should go through a mandatory annual maintenance. Hvac in Coralville, IA is available and ensures that your system does not suffer from premature breakdowns. This guarantees continuity of your heating and cooling systems, all year round.

Is your home heating service working for you?

With a team of professional and dedicated technicians at Absolute Comfort, Hvac Coralville IA , you too can enjoy our great service. Compared to other furnace Companies that are in the market, our costs are lower and our furnaces are of superior quality. One good example is Hydronic heating which is customized to offer vertical radiant heat and can also be customized for in-floor and baseboard heating as well. HVAC in Coralville, IA is available for both domestic and commercial installations.

When it comes to air-conditioner services, we are second to none and offer a variety of choices to keep cool during summer. Just like our heating services, air-conditioning systems should be serviced at least once a year to avoid preventable breakdowns. If you need to replace your system or repair it in the case of an unfortunate breakdown, Absolute Comfort is the right company to call.

When looking for an efficient and high performance air-conditioner, or if you prefer an energy saving cooling system that is inexpensive and durable, you will be pleased with the range of air-conditioners that we have in stock. We have something for everybody and every budget.

By Dotcom Design 31 Jul, 2017

Are you looking for the best providers for heating services? Heating North Liberty, IA is a very important aspect to consider, whether you are looking at services for your home or your business. When the weather starts to turn cold, it is important to ensure your heating system is ready for the work that lies ahead. There are three main ways you can prepare ahead of time:

  1. Start before the weather changes. You can begin preparing for the cold weather even while the temperatures are still a bit balmy outside. The more time you give yourself the more likely you are to take care of any issues that are discovered and the more likely you are to have your heating system ready to go as soon as the weather changes.
  2. Heating North Liberty, IA needs to be a scheduled part of the budget. Many times, repairs get put off because of financial limitations. Planning for these types of repairs and maintenance needs ahead of time ensures you get the work done and that smaller problems do not become big problems due to putting off important repairs or maintenance!
  3. Call in the experts to help out. Even if you are a trendy DIY type of person, your heating system is not the place to try and save money by doing the work on your own. There are many guidelines, codes, laws, and requirements governing heating and cooling systems and only a professional can ensure these are all maintained and addressed.

For more help with any heating North Liberty, IA  residents and business owners may experience, we encourage everyone to contact us here at Absolute Comfort today!

By Dotcom Design 07 Jul, 2017

Heating systems are in every area of life from your home to hospital, schools, factories, office buildings, and more. These systems must remain in good operating condition. Heating North Liberty, IA requires the technicians who work on them to become highly educated and lastly certified to service, maintain, replace, install, and repair these units. When you need a trained and certified HVAC technician for heating in North Liberty, IA you be sure to call a quality company, offering quality products at affordable prices.

Q.  What is Considered a Quality Heating Company?

A.  If you have resided in the Iowa City, Coralville, or North Liberty communities for any length of time, you know a company who deals in HVAC systems and hire certified and professional technicians who repair, install, and maintain your heating unit.

Be sure you call a heating and cooling company offering a complete range of services to meet your needs for efficiency in cooling and heating in North Liberty, IA. A quality heating and cooling company offers and recommends quality energy efficient systems to reduce your energy bills in addition to the following,

  • Unparalleled service
  • Timely maintenance
  • Parts replacements
  • System replacements
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Experienced in all brands of heaters
  • BBB Accredited
  • No fine print
  • No hidden fees
  • 100% guaranteed service

Q.   What are My Responsibilities After I Have a New Furnace Installed?

A.  Good maintenance avoids any major crisis and a yearly check over of your heating system before the cold winter months begin.

Q.  How Do I Know I called the Right Heating Company?
A. The company you call for heating North Liberty is professional, educated, certified, offers excellent ratings by previous customers, licensed, insured, prompt, trustworthy, honest business ethics, experienced, and offers 24-hour service seven days a week.

By Dotcom Design 31 May, 2017

Not every home is the same. Neither are their heating systems. When it's time to replace the aging   furnace Coralville, IA   installed in your home two or more decades ago, you'll want to do some research before blindly agreeing to a new unit suggested by a sales person. If it isn't designed for your home and needs, you could be shivering while staring at a shiny new furnace in your basement.

  • Check the Square Footage of Your Home:When shopping for a new   furnace in Coralville , you'll need to know how big a space it is you need to heat. Ensure that the finished basement, heated three-season porch and new addition are included in the calculation.
  • Is Your Old House Insulated?   Many a modern   furnace Coralville, IA   has ratings to heat square footage in a newer house. If your old farmhouse still isn't insulated. you'll need more   BTUs   to heat the same space compared to a contemporary unit. Make sure to tell your heating contractor when ordering the furnace.
  • Verify Efficiency and   BTUs :   With new technologies, a modern   furnace in Coralville   can use much less energy to heat your home. But before signing up for the new design make sure that it actually does have better efficiency and heating ability than a traditional model.

Sometimes a sales person is receiving commissions for a particular model. It's up to you to be properly informed about your home and heating requirements before signing on the dotted line and accepting a unit that won't provide enough heat over its functional lifetime.

By Dotcom Design 05 May, 2017

Few things can be as annoying in the heat of summer than having your unit quit working and to be faced with trying to find someone to come do air conditioner repairs in Coralville on an emergency call. There is one name you can trust any time, day or night, for emergency  air conditioner repairs, Coralville, IA  own Absolute Comfort!

There are so many working parts and systems in the average air conditioning unit, and all it takes is for one of those to stop working or to malfunction for the entire system to die. This is why you need to call in professionals who know what they are doing and who have years of hands-on experience working with air conditioning and heating systems. Getting professionals to service and care for your unit may cost you more right now but it will save you a bundle later on when you are not dealing with breakdowns and problems caused by shoddy work and inexperienced contractors working on your system.

Trusting professionals will ensure you get your system back up and running and can avoid bigger problems down the road by getting your system check out and properly maintained. Don’t wait to take care of those minor issues or they could soon become major issues that send your entire system offline. Trust Absolute Comfort and let their HVAC experts keep you comfortable all season. Call them today and set up your consultation or call their emergency service department now to get the relief you need!

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

For the finest quartz counter-tops Davenport has to offer, look no further than KBD of Davenport. Quartz counter-tops are elegant, durable, and are very reasonably priced. There are a few things to consider if you're thinking about selecting a quartz counter-top for either your bathroom or your kitchen:

  • Daily maintenance - In order to keep your counter-top beautiful, you should clean it once a day, using warm water and several drops of dish soap. Rinse immediately with clean water. Dry it completely so no spotting will occur. Make sure to always clean up immediately after any spills so that you'll never stain your quartz counter-tops
  • Weekly maintenance - Optionally apply a quartz cleaner weekly so your counter-tops will be shiny and beautiful. Use only a special cleaner designed for quartz. Do not use any harsh chemicals that might mar your counter-top's appearance
  • Sealant at 15 years - Your quartz counter-top in Davenport could last a lifetime if maintained correctly. They will need to be sealed every 15 years, and this is best done by a professional

How should you choose your quartz counter-top?

  • Quartz is a manufactured product (unlike granite) and comes in a dazzling array of patterns and colors - Many varieties of reds, black, browns, tans, greens, whites, and more are available. Patterns include a mineral streaking effect
  • Use a professional to help select and install the counter-tops in your bathroom or kitchen - Installation can be a very hard task, and you want to make sure it's done correctly. For quartz counter-tops in Davenport choose KBD.

Clients who have purchased the quartz counter-tops Davenport admires are very pleased with its quality. They would recommend purchasing and installing these beautiful counter-tops to all of their friends.

By Dotcom Design 20 Feb, 2017

Whether you plan to buy an air conditioner for the first time or looking to replace an old one, you will want an appliance that meets your needs. Apart from choosing the most suitable air conditioner for your home, selecting a reliable company for A/C installation North Liberty, IA will also be a major decision to make. You can ask the contractor some questions to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Which type of system is best for me?

A qualified and experienced contractor will be able to answer this question after evaluating your home. By looking at various conditions, assessing your needs and discussing functionality with you, such a contractor will provide professional advice. For instance, a ductless mini-split air conditioner with multiple units will be ideal for homes where ductwork is nonexistent or failing.

What is the most appropriate size?

According to experts in A/C installation North Liberty, IA , the size of your air conditioner matters. Units that are oversized or undersized will use up excessive energy without producing the comfort that you require in the home.

What are SEER ratings?

SEER is a ratio that is used to measure the efficiency of modern air conditioners. The higher the ratio, the more efficient the system is. An air conditioner with a high SEER rating will help you to save on energy costs by lowering the related operational costs.

What does the warranty include?

You should engage your chosen company for A/C installation in North Liberty on warranty. Ask about the term of the manufacturer’s warranty as well as what it covers. The best HVAC companies will offer a warranty for the labor, covering you from unnecessary losses.

Absolute Comfort is one of the most reliable contractors for A/C installation in North Liberty has ever seen. Kindly contact us or visit our offices to learn more about us and hire our services.

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