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HVAC Services for Your Home

At Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide high quality HVAC services to help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. No matter what need you have or issue you are facing, we can help remedy it. With high quality, high efficiency heating units and air conditioning units, you can achieve a comfortable home for a great price. Having served the Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty communities for many years, we have achieved recognition within the community for our hard work and expert skills. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you achieve a comfortable home with our HVAC services.

Heat Services

Whether you need yearly maintenance on your heater, a new installation, or a repair made, our skilled HVAC technicians can do it all. In order to keep your heater in optimal running conditioning and avoid having to make premature repairs or replacements, it is recommended to get your furnace serviced yearly. Ready to replace a broken furnace or upgrade a newer model? We have high efficiency furnaces to meet all of your needs.
  • Bryant Evolution Furnace: With a 95% AFUE rating, you can achieve superior energy efficiency, precise regulation, consistent temperatures throughout your home, and whisper-quiet performance.
  • Bryant Preferred Furnace: This furnace offers a 95% AFUE high efficiency rating in order to heat your home consciously and thoroughly. Achieve perfect humidity with our Bryant Thermidistat.
  • Bryant 80 Furnace: What better way to warm up from the chilly outdoors than with the Bryant 80 Furnace, which has an AFUE rating of 80% to help cut down on your heat bills. Total home comfort is easily achieved with this high efficiency furnace.
  • Hyrdonic Heating: For those in need of custom in-floor, baseboard, and vertical radiant heat, we install radiators into both commercial and residential properties of all shapes and sizes.
With our high efficiency furnaces, total home comfort and warmth is achieved at a fraction of the cost as other furnaces on the market today. Residents in Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty have been pleased with our high efficiency heaters for many years and you can be to! 

Air Conditioning Services

For those who are looking to keep cool on warm summer days, our air conditioning services are the right choice! We offer maintenance, repairs, and new installations to replace an older or broken down model. While we recommend yearly maintenance on all HVAC systems in order to prevent premature repairs or breakdowns, we can install the following high efficiency air conditioning units into your home today!
  • Bryant High SEER Evolution Air Conditioner: The highest SEER rating we offer, this air conditioning unit is great for those looking for a high efficiency, high performance air conditioner.  
  • Bryant Preferred Air Conditioner: With 16.5 SEER rating, you can enjoy whole-home comfort all summer long. Energy efficient, economical, and as quiet as your dishwasher, this is a great choice for home and business owners.
  • Bryant Legacy Air Conditioner: Low cost cooling with a 16 SEER rating? What could be better? 
Give us a call today and learn why more residents in Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty are choosing Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for their HVAC units! 

Why Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning?

We provide high quality, low cost services and employee licensed, experienced individuals to work for us. You can rest easy knowing that no matter if you are getting a new unit installed, repaired, or having annual maintenance done, it will be done properly each time. Give us a call today and learn why more residents are choosing us for their HVAC units! 
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